Are you against the fraud too? Join us!

Individuals, enterprises, organizations, traders, employees, project coordinators and differently employed people are welcome to join our movement in order to preclude and prevent fraudulent activities and be honest themselves.

Use different recognition signs to show your conviction and participation in anti-fraud movement!
Involvement of society is also important in fight against the fraud. If you observe any fraudulent activities, do not be indifferent, report!
Show your personal attitude and knowledge, before starting employment relationship! Do not let anyone to cheat you!
Have you noticed falsification of goods and you want to warn your friends about it? Share it on social networks with hashtags #viltotaiszaķis and #atkrāpies!

* According to the data of research center SKDS, 25% of Latvian residents say that if traders would publicly declare that their trade is fair (no fraud is tolerated at their stores) they would make purchases at these stores more frequently.


The single organization cooperation network has been created as functional. It is definite and clearly indicates that organizations which use this brand are reliable and ensures that there is no fraud in their cooperation.

Terms of use prescribe the proper usage of this brand. Logo can be used according to established “elements of the brand”. If brand name is used improperly, it is not considered as a part of anti-fraud movement.

Logo of the campaign will not be a quality mark. It will show negative attitude of a person or organization towards fraudulent activities. It is also an opportunity for traders to let everybody know that these traders are selling original products, not counterfeits.